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Family Histories

More than 38,000 volumes of compiled genealogies represent work already
done on American and European families, and range from brief typescripts to
well documented multi-volume works. Nearly 5000 genealogies on microfiche
and numerous family newsletters complement this collection.

Census Records


       All 1790-1920 population schedules
       All available statewide indexes & soundexes
       All extant mortality schedules 1850-1880
       All extant schedules of Civil War Union veterans and widows 1890
       Agricultural and Manufacturing schedules for Indiana 1850-1880

STATE & TERRITORIAL (coverage varies by year):

       CA 1852
       CO 1885
       FL 1885
       IL 1825,30,35,45,55,65
       IA 1836,38,44,46,47,49,51,52,53,54,56, 59,60,81,85,88,89,91,92,95
       KS 1865
       MI 1827,30,34,45,50,54,64,70,74,80,84,94
       MN 1857,65,75,85,95,1905
       MS 1792,1805,08,10,13,16,18,20,22-25,30,
       MO 1876
       NE 1885
       NJ 1855,65,75
       NM 1885
       NY 1815,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,
       OR 1842,45,49,50,53,54,55,56,57,58,59
       RI 1865 (with index),75,85
       WA 1856,57,58,60,71,73,74,75,77,78,79,
       WI 1836-42,46,47,55,75,95,1905

City Directories

The department has a depository collection of 32,500 R.L. Polk directories
dated 1964 to the present, with significant earlier runs for some cities. The
department also holds many directories for smaller cities and rural areas
produced by other publishers, as well as a standing order for all city directories
currently being micropublished by Research Publications of America. U.S.

       1785-1860 microfiche (240 cities)
       1861-1901 microfilm (79 cities)
       1902-1935 microfilm (54 cities)
       1964-present (Polk directories)

Passenger Lists

Most National Archives passenger lists and indexes on microfilm are available
in the department, as are most major printed sources for immigration records.

       Baltimore: - Lists 1820-1909 - Quarterly abstracts of lists 1820-69 -
       Soundex indexes 1820-97, 1833-66, 1897-1952
       Boston: - Lists 1820-1943 & Index 1848-91
       New Orleans: - Lists 1820-1902 - Quarterly abstracts of lists 1820-75 -
       Indexes pre-1900, 1900-52
       New York: - Lists 1820-1940 - Indexes 1820-46, 1897-1902 - Soundex
       index 1902-43
       Philadelphia: - Lists 1800-1945 & Index 1800-1906 - Soundex index
       Lists and/or indexes for 68 minor ports 1820-1954
       Index to misc. Atlantic and Gulf coast ports 1820-74
       Index to AL, FL, GA and SC lists 1890-1924
       Soundex to Canadian border entries, St. Albans, VT district,
       1895-1924 and 1924-52; with partial manifests 1924-49
       Filby's Passenger and Immigration Lists Index.
       Famine Immigrants: Lists of Irish Immigrants arriving at...New York
       German Immigrants...from Bremen to New York 1847-1867.
       Germans to America 1850-1893. (in progress)


Holdings include most microfilmed National Archives service and pension
records covering every conflict from the Revolutionary War through the
Philippine Insurrection. Civil War regimental histories on microfiche, and
significant microfilmed Confederate records from state archives are also
included. The excellent collection of related printed references contains
adjutant generals' reports, lineage society publications, soldiers' diaries, and
more than 1000 regimental histories. The military collection is now expanding
into data on 20th century conflicts with additions of unit histories for WWI and
WWII, and casualty lists for the Korean War, Vietnam War and Persian Gulf


       General Index & Compiled Service Records of Soldiers in the
       American Army
       Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Applications
       Bounty Land Warrants - Ohio Military District
       Virginia Half Pay and related Pension Applications
       Revolutionary War Rolls (Commanding Officers' Reports) 1775-83
       Index to Records of Soldiers in CT units
       Index &Service Records of Naval Personnel
       Misc. Numbered Records in the War Dept. Collection 1775-1790s with
       Central Treasury Records, Military Affairs 1775-89
       American Loyalist Claims, Series I and II
       British Troops, orders, returns, accounts, etc. 1776-81

Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers 1784-1811 and Index Index Register of
U.S. Army Enlistments 1798-1914

WAR OF 1812 (1812-15)

       Index to Compiled Service Records
       Index to Pension Applications
       Military Bounty Land Warrants
       Seamen's Protective Certificate Applications, Port of Philadelphia
       War of 1812 Papers


       Index to Compiled Service Records 1815-58
       Records of Veterans Administration, Old War, 1815-1926, & Indian
       Wars, 1892-1926

MEXICAN WAR (1846-48)

       Index to Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers
       Record of Veterans Administration, 1887-1926


       Indexes to Compiled Service Records
       Pension File Index


       Consolidated Index to Confederate Records
       Register of soldiers who died in the North
       Amnesty Papers (Pardon Applications)
       Pension Records and Biographical Questionnaires from several states
       Service records of soldiers and officers in units raised directly by the
       Service Records of AL Soldiers with index
       Records of Naval and Marine Personnel
       War Dept. Records of Confederate Prisoners


       General Index to Compiled Service Records 1898


       Index to Compiled Service Records 1899-1901


Draft Registration Cards for HI, IL, IN, MI, NV, NM, NY and OH.


       Korean Conflict Casualty File, 1950-57
       Combat Area Casualties, Southeast Asia, 1957-86
       Vietnam Veterans Memorial Directory of Names

U.S Local Records

Nearly 105,000 printed volumes are testimony to the department's efforts to
comprehensively collect U.S. genealogy and local history publications. All
the standard reference works are here, including The American
Genealogical-Biographical Index and the National Union Catalog of
Manuscript Collections. County and town histories, vital, cemetery, church,
court, land, probate and naturalization records can all be accessed through
department catalogs. Standard statewide references and finding aids for
eastern states are on the browsing shelves for patrons' convenience.
Significant collections of microfilmed local records, such as the North
Carolina Core Collection, are available for: CT, IL, IN, KY, MA, NY, NC, OH,
PA, SC, TN, VT and WV. Smaller microfilmed collections are available for
other states. Additional microtext sources which complement the outstanding
print collection include the Genealogy & Local History Series on microfiche,
and microfilmed county histories for CA, IL, IN, MI, NY, OH, PA and WI.

Miscellaneous U.S. Records

Several important manuscript collections and reprint series of regional or
national scope are contained in the department's microtext holdings. These

       Library of Congress Land Ownership Maps
       Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Indiana
       Draper Manuscript Collection & Shane Papers
       Robert R. Livingston Papers (NY)
       American Home Missionary Society Papers 1816-1894
       American Missionary Association Manuscripts 1839-1882
       Boston Transcript "Notes and Queries" columns
       Colonial newspapers from MD, PA and VA

Native American Records

Please consult the department's Bibliography of Sources for Native American
Family History which details print and microtext holdings by state and by tribe.
Important microtext records include:

       All Indian census schedules 1885-1944
       Applications & Enrollment cards of the Five Civilized Tribes
       Indian Claims Commission Decisions
       American Indian periodicals
       Indian Pioneer History Collection and Index
       Records of the Cherokee Agency in TN 1801-35

African - American Records

Please consult the department's Bibliography of Sources for African-American
Family History which details print and microtext holdings by state. Important
microtext records include:

       All federal census slave schedules 1850 and 1860
       Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution
       through the Civil War
       Freedmen's Bureau (1865-70) and Freedmen's Savings & Trust Co.
       (1865-74) Records
       Pennsylvania Abolition Society Papers
       Slavery in Ante-Bellum Southern Industries
       State Slavery Statutes

Canadian Records

The department houses a significant collection of Canadiana, especially for
the eastern provinces. Print sources include county and town histories,
cemetery records, and almost all available published French Canadian parish
registers and marriage repertoires. Please consult the French Canadian &
Acadian Genealogy pathfinder for further details. Genealogical society
publications including the Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario are also held.
Complementary microtext holdings include:

       All published or microfilmed censuses 1666-1891
       Halifax, N.S. Passenger Lists 1881-99 & Quebec, P.Q. Passenger Lists
       Loiselle Marriage Index (1640-1963) and Supplement
       Quebec Non-Catholic Registers (1760-1941) and Index
       Ontario Archives Land Record Index
       Ontario Surrogate Court Records Index 1793-1858
       Biographical Scrapbooks, Toronto Newspapers 1911-67
       Prince Edward Island Master Name Index

British Isles

This part of the collection contains 15,000 printed volumes including county
histories, monumental inscriptions, heraldic references, early parish registers
and most English county record society publications. Major records series on
microfiche are included, as the following partial list indicates. For further
details consult the department's Irish Genealogy and British Genealogy
pathfinders. ENGLAND:

       Victoria County History series (print)
       London city directories 1667-1823 (microfilm)


       Old Parochial Register Index (OPR) 1538-1854


       Griffith's Valuation & Tithe Applotment Books
       19th Century Census Fragments
       Ordnance Survey Maps of Ireland (6 inch series)
       Surname Index for the 1796 Spinning Wheel Lists
       Biographical Notices of Cork and Kerry 1756-1827
       Index to Biographical Notices in the Newspapers of Limerick, Ennis,
       Clonmel & Waterford 1758-1821
       Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization and 1st
       Sources for the History of Irish Civilization, Articles in Irish Periodicals


The print collection contains important research guides, maps, emigration
records and compiled genealogies for the nobility and middle class including
Deutsches Geschlecterbuch and Siebmacher's Grossem Allgemeinem
Wappenbuch. An important source on microfilm is the Hamburg Direct
Passenger Lists and Index 1850-1901, which often provides place of origin
data for emigrants. The International Genealogical Index (I.G.I.) is the major
source of German vital records held in the department, while the Family
History Library Catalog will help patrons identify records available elsewhere.
Consult the department's German Genealogy pathfinder for details.


The department holds the largest English-language genealogy and local
history periodical collection in the world with more than 3200 current
subscriptions and more than 4100 titles. Individual articles may be accessed
through a variety of indexes including the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI),
compiled by department staff.

Computer Databases

Important genealogical sources on compact disc are available in the
department and include the Social Security Death Index, PhoneDisc, some
marriage records, and the LDS FamilySearch system, which includes the
I.G.I., Ancestral File and Family History Library Catalog.

Audio-Cassettes and Videos

A department orientation video and more than a dozen other instructional
videos are available for in-house patron use. More than 1400 taped lectures
on genealogical research methodology delivered at national and regional
conferences are available for patrons to check out.

Complementary Collection at the Allen County Public Library

The Genealogy Department's holdings are enhanced by the library's other
significant collections of biographical sources, government documents, legal
references, Native American first hand accounts and early American travel
and exploration accounts.

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