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The Trautvetters

The TRAUTVETTERs are one of my most "colorful" families. John George TRAUTVETTER (aka George) was born 15 Jul 1798 in Wildperchtrode, Thuringen, Germany, he married Sophia Elizabeth DERLE in  Wildprechtrode, Thuringen, Germany, and died 9 Oct 1871 Wildperchtrode, Thuringen, Germany.

George and his family immigrated to the United States in 1853, eventually settling in Rocky Run Township, Hancock, Illinois. Many other members of George's family emigrated to the United States, some settling temporarily in Kentucky across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. All family members eventually settled in Hancock County, Illinois.

George returned to Germany ca. 1870 and died there. He provided for Sophia before his return to Germany and Sophia died in Walker Township, Hancock, Illinois, in 1877. She is buried at the church cemetery in Tioga, Hancock, Illinois, alongside her son John Michael TRAUTVETTER and his wife Franciska BIEGER TRAUTVETTER (my great-great-grandparents). John's son George and his wife Ida SARGENT TRAUTVETTER (my great-grandparents) are also buried in this cemetery.


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