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Samples of Church records from what is now known as the Bethany United Church of Christ
Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois

1868 list of Confirmands
Louise Bigert below is my great-great-grandmother's sister

Christening Entries from 1886, for Martha Kunz, Maria Kunz, and their mother Maria Luft Kunz.
Maria Luft Kunz is a first cousin to my great-great-grandfather, Riley Rampley.

Marriage entry from 1868
John and Franciska are my great-great-grandparents

Death Entry from 1888
Franciska Trautvetter is my great-great-grandmother

Christenings from 1878

Christenings from 1915.

Ida Laura below is my grandmother.

Christening from 1901--split over two pages.
Louise Adolphine Trautvetter below (went by Luella) was my grandmother's oldest sister.

Christening from 1871
This is the record where the godmother (far right) looks like Louise Ligert, but it is actually Bigert.

(c) Michael John Neill, 2006
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