4th annual

Salt Lake City Family History Library Trip

14May – 21 May 2009

With Michael John Neill, MS

Make your payment with PayPal or a major credit card.



Registration received in full is $200. Contact Michael if other arrangements need to be made. This amount does not include room, transportation, meals, or other expenses. Registration received after 15 December 2008 is subject to availability and is $250.

If your payment is received after 15 December 2008, the total amount for registration is $250 and must be received in full by 15 March 2009.
Receipt of payment will be acknowledged by email and it is suggested that Michael be emailed (saltlake@rootdig.com) when your registration has been mailed.

It is also suggested that you begin planning your research when you submit your initial registration. Online preparation with Michael will begin when you register. Michael will send initial suggestions and guidelines for problem submission upon receipt of deposit. We do not want anyone to begin planning at the last minute. Our trip group email list will begin in February where all trip members are encouraged to communicate with each other and with Michael. However, those who begin preparation early will get the most out of their trip. You can call Michael at (309)-972-5011 with questions (please indicate best time to return your call).



Reservations with the hotel are made separately from your registration with Michael for the trip. We have arranged for a pre-tax rate of $82 per night with the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel. If you do not need a roommate or if you already have a roommate for the trip, go ahead and call the hotel ( 800-366-3684, mention the Rootdig group and the dates of the trip). You want to arrive and check in on Thursday, May 14th.  You want to check out on Thursday, May 21. We will be confirming our "room list" with the hotel a month before the trip. If you do not have a roommate and need assistance in getting one, please email Michael.

It is not necessary for you to stay at the Plaza. You can still participate in the trip and make other lodging arrangements. Our pre-library meetings will be at the Plaza if you choose to attend those, but if you would prefer to stay elsewhere that is perfectly fine. This is why our hotel reservations are made separately from the reservations to participate in the research trip group.


Transportation to Salt Lake is on your own. If you need assistance in making travel arrangements, please contact Michael. The Plaza hotel has a complimentary shuttle from the airport as long as you arrive in Salt Lake by 11:00 p.m. and depart the hotel after 6:00 a.m.