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Click on the image to see an enlarged version. Then click on the answer to see what the person's name actually was. There are many factors that influence an individual's handwriting, including: education level, age, native language, and general health.

German native born 1823, written in 1880s. (*)
Kentucky native, born ca. 1800. Looks VERY similar to his father's signature a few lines below.(*)
German native (from the north), born ca. 1850s, written in 1910.(*)
English native born ca. 1744, written in early 1800s in Maryland.(*)
Virginia native born ca. 1780. Looks VERY similar to his son's signature a few lines below.(*)
German native, born 1838, written 1920s.(*)
She made her mark in Indiana in 1861.(*)
Illinois native, born 1881, written in 1907.(*)
German native (born in Thuringia), born 1798, written in Illinois in 1850s.(*)
Ohio native, born 1835.(*)
Maryland native, born ca. 1750. Looks very similar to her husband's signature (the English native born ca. 1744)(*)
Nebraska native, born 1881.(*)
Kentucky native, born ca. 1818.(*)
Indiana native, born 1846. (*)
Illinois native, born late nineteenth century.(*)
Illinois native, born late nineteenth century.(*)
uncertain--written 1890s.
Illinois native, born 1875.(*)
uncertain, written early 1900s.
Ohio native, born 1840s.(*)
(*)--Michael's relative.
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