Galesburg, Illinois


March and April 2010

Presentations made by Michael John Neill

Columnist for Casefile Clues, & nationally known genealogy researcher and author

Michael’s website’s and



USING ANCESTRY.COM --26 March 2010

LEI C37 601                                                   Cost: $35 provides online access to a wide variety of United States genealogical information, including census records, passenger lists, published books, military indexes,

and much, much more. Attendees will have complete access to the site for the duration of our workshop and our morning will provide an overview of what is on the Ancestry site and the afternoon will discuss effective search techniques, organizing your online search and determining what offline records complement what is found on Limited to 20 students.


Friday, meets 03/26/10 only, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Room B026



LEI C53 600                                                   Cost: $35

This day-long session will focus on what databases are on the Mormon genealogy website,, including online images that census records; Cook County, Illinois, records; some state census records, and more. Sessions will provide an overview of the main databases on the site, how to search those databases, using the site to prepare for a trip, and interacting with other researchers via the site. Limited to 20 students.


Saturday, meets 03/27/10 only, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Room B026


FAMILY TREE MAKER 2010—4&9 April 2010

LEI C44 600                                                   Cost: $70

Many changes were made to this program when FTM 2010 was released. This two-day set of sessions will discuss those changes and also include discussion on data entry, reports, publishing, data correction, online searches, using FTM to manage your research, using FTM to manage your sources, customizing FTM, and more as time allows. Attendees are encouraged to send specific questions to before the workshop for possible inclusion into class discussion. Limited to 20 students.

Friday & Saturday, meets 04/09/10 and 04/10/10,

9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Room B026






LEI C30 600                                                   Cost: $35

This half-day session will look at several of Michael’s problems and discuss strategies for attempting to solve them. Areas and time periods covered include:

• German natives to Illinois 19th century

• Irish natives to Illinois 19th century

• Locating a 1913 birth in Chicago

• Establishing a ca. 1800 birth in Kentucky

• More as time allows

Techniques and methodology are applicable beyond these time period and locations. Focus will be on sound genealogy methods and citation. Limited to 20 students.


Friday, meets 04/16/10 only, 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m..,Room B026



LEI C53 601                                                   Cost: $35

This day-long session will focus on searching and locating scanned historical books at, the Brigham Young University Library, and These three sites

together have free scanned images of thousands of county histories, family histories and other historical materials. Users can perform full-text searches of these sites in an attempt to locate historical and genealogical information and download complete scans of the book. One can easily spend days searching these sites. Limited to 20 students.


Friday, meets 04/30/10 only, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Room B026



By phone: call Linda in Community Ed at 309- 345-3501


By mail: Email Michael John Neill at and you will be sent a PDF version of the registration form.


Galesburg is easily accessible by Interstate and there are ample lodging facilities within a mile of the college. Questions about location, facilities, etc. can be sent to Michael at