29 May 2009

Margaret Hodgson born 1764 Castle Carrock

One of the families I worked on while in Salt Lake was that of James and Barbara Hodgson of Garthfoot, Castle Carrock, Cumberland, England. This entry comes from the 1764 register of that parish.

It actually is not all that difficult to read, but I still find the scan easier to use and the scans were definitely preferable for those entries that were not as legible as this one.

Margaret was married to John Watson and died in Castle Carrock in January of 1852 at the age of 88. It was known that she married John in Castle Carrock in 1789. The date of her marriage and birth originally came from the International Genealogical Index on FamilySearch, but I used that to search through the actual church records. Margaret's death in 1852 at the age of 88 allowed me to narrow in on a year of birth. Her maiden name was obtained in her marriage record, but there were several other families in Castle Carrock with the name of Hodgson.

Margaret Hodgson Watson is my wife's 4th great-grandmother.


25 May 2009

Signatures of John and Peggy (Hodgson) Watson

These signatures come from a 1789 marriage record in Castle Carrock in County Cumberland, England. John Watson and Peggy Hodgson were married there in 1789. This is just a part of their marriage record and one of several documents I scanned while at the Family History Library in Salt Lake.
Joseph Hodgson signs as a witness. I'm not certain of the relationship. There were several Hodgsons in this parish. I'l be blogging and writing more about my research into these families. Readers who are related to the families are welcome to contact me. John and Peggy are my wife's 4th grandparents.


16 May 2007

In Salt Lake City

I arrived LATE last night in Salt Lake for our annual research trip. Fortunately, I was re-routed so that I completely avoided O'Hare, but avoiding delays caused by weather at O'Hare was difficult.

Anyway, I found that the Ancestry.com accounts work just fine at the Family History Library--I used mine.

In fact, I made a discovery on my wife's English lines using the census at Ancestry. Of course, I have it at home, but sometimes what one needs is time. I think I have found Elizbabeth Frame in the UK Census (her own family group chart appears on our site here).

The family was living in Brampton, Cumberland, England. I think I have the family in the 1851-1861 census, but there is more work to do. This was only "practice" to make certain my ancestry.com account worked, I wasn't expecting to find anything. Hopefully before I leave, I'll have time to locate more information.