18 September 2009

Signature of Andrew Trask

This is the only signature we have of Andrew Trask, born ca. 1814 Mass. died in Mercer County, Illinois in the 1880s. It comes from his land purchase in Clinton County, Illinois, in 1845.

Now if we could just get his picture.
I'll be posting more from these BLM files over the next few days.


23 July 2009

St. Louis Marriage 1843

Here is another great image from a record. This marriage from 1843 comes from St. Louis, Missouri. Here again, Googling the name of the minister gave me more information about him, including information about him being involved in the founding of Washington University in St. Louis. Hopefully I can locate some records and determine whether it was the bride or the groom who were active members of the church. The groom here was Andrew Trask and the bride was Ellen Weld.

This image was made from the microfilm while I was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake last May. We will be posting more information when I can find it.


07 May 2009

Mercer County Illinois County History on Archive.org

Archive.org is just a great place to find things. This biography was cut from the PDF version of the scan of the 1882 History of Mercer and Henderson Counties [Illinois] which is one of the several Mercer County histories on the site.

Am working on an article on Andrew Trask, focusing on his life in the 1840 era. Would really love to know more about his working on a ship, but that will have to wait. Unfortunately we don't know who his parents are or anything about his life on the East Coast other than what is in this obituary.