22 January 2008

Another suggestion from the websites that update databases

I have mentioned before that I wish there were a way on a database site itself to track "results" that have already been viewed and analyzed. On sites where databases are "in progress" wading through the same results gets tiresome.

Another added feature I'd like to see (particularly on these databases that are updated) is the ability to send me an email when there are new results for surnames or searches in which I am interested. While I don't need an email every time there is a new Smith, I certainly would be interested in an email telling me there was a new Rampley, Trautvetter, or Ufkes result.


13 December 2007

If I could change the Illinois Death Certificate Index

Don't get me wrong, I really like the Illinois Death Certificate Index and am very appreciative of it.

However, if I could only make one change, it would be to add a new search option:

"every county except Cook"

With the exception of my grandmother-in-law, all my Illinois families (and there are a lot of them) are well outside of Cook County. When I perform a statewide search (which is often necessary), I really only want the western third of the state. The results from Cook County overwhelm my results.

Of course, I can import the results into a spreadsheet and sort them by county and delete the ones from Cook, but it would be nice to have a "everything but Cook" search option. And Illinois is not the only state whose population is dominated by one metropolitan area.