26 September 2007

Electonic Version of Elizabeth Shown Mills' Evidence Explained

In case your bookshelf just does not have room to handle the latest tome from Elizabeth Mills, never fear.

Footnote.com has just announced the release of the electronic version of Elizabeth Shown Mills' new book Evidence Explained.

Those genealogists who wish to cite their sources and leave future generations of genealogists an idea of where they got their information would be well-served by using Mills' book as a guide to citation creation. And all genealogists should wish to cite their sources. Actually citation should be much more than a wish. It is a virtual mandate.

Footnote is currently offering the electonic edition for $24.95. Price may change, but the need for citation does not!

And electonic versions don't take up desk space...that leaves more room for those paper copies you never got scanned.

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