02 June 2009

Finding a Minister

Wm. C. Rhodus (Rhodes) was married to Miss Lucretia M. Jones on 19 March 1860 in Macon County, Missouri.

The minister is shown in the marriage record, but I have no idea who he is. The nice thing about making digital images of the record (which I did while viewing the film at the Family History Library in Salt Lake) is that I can zoom in on the names as shown in the second image of this post.

The name appears to be O. R. Bouton--I'll have to do some searching on him to determine if there might be church records that I can access. The Jones family were known to have been Methodist, but I'm not certain about the Rhodus/Rhodes family.

Fortunately I scanned the entire page of the marriage record, so I have my source--it was page 193 of the book. I also scanned the "title page" from the LDS microfilm so that I knew it was from Marriage Book D from Macon County, Missouri. Have to track those sources.


01 April 2008

Colonel Febucker in Virginia--Who is he?

This screenshot is the entire page from a Footnote.com image I have been working on for Samuel Rhodes. The reduced size shows the whole page and is discussed in more detail below.

The image showsn is part of the Revolutionary War Pension file for Samuel Rhodes from Virginia located on the Footnote.com site. I am having difficulty reading the name of the Colonel in whose regiment Rhodes served. It looks like Febucker, but I'm not certain that is correct.

I posted a comment there as well on the image. This will appear on the comments section of the page if anyone else pulls up the same image. They can see the comment I posted and if they have a different rendering of the name, they can post a comment to my comment. I really like the way the Footnote.com allows users to interact with the documents on their site.
Hopefully someone else can read the name in a different way or knows something about this Virginia unit.
Researchers can search Footnote.com for their own ancestors.
You can search the Revolutionary War Rolls on Footnote.com. I searched the Virginia set of Revolutionary War Pensions at Footnote.com , users interested in other stats can browse to those as well.
The Beta Test of Advanced Search at Footnote.com also allows for some narrowing of searching. Personally if I know what database I want to search, I start at the main Footnote.com site and navigate my way to the specific database I want.
And if anyone is a descendant of this Samuel Rhodes, I'd be interested in communicating.

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20 June 2007

Revolutionary Pensions on Footnote

Footnote.com is increasing their amount of Revolutionary Pensions on their site.

The image on the right comes from the pension of Samuel Rhodes. This 1810s era document indicates the amount of property Samuel had in an attempt to document financial need. Samuel's complete pension file (not shown here) documents his service in Virginia as well as his migration into Tennessee and Missouri.

Footnote has not completed adding the pensions for the Revolution, but they are in progress and this pension was not on the site when I looked several weeks ago.

Consider adding Footnote.com to your genealogical arsenal.

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26 May 2007

A Find on PERSI

I have long suggested that researchers use PERSI (the Periodical Source Index) created by the staff of the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. This finding aid indexes articles in genealogical newsletters, quarterlies, and other periodical publications. Until PERSI finding articles in these journals required a page-by-page search. PERSI has topic indexes and also includes articles that relate to genealogical methodology. The indexes are not full name indexes, but they can be helpful. Each citation includes a complete reference so that the magazing containing the article can be located. The Allen County Public Library will copy articles for a small fee or users of PERSI can locate the article themselves.

While at the Family History Library last week, I performed a search of PERSI on www.heritagequestonline.com. Honestly, I haven't found too much personally on PERSI, but my search for "samuel rhodes" brought up several hits, one of which was an article in the Hawkins County Tennessee Genealogical Society quarterly. Since the Samuel I was searching for lived in Hawkins County for a time, I decided to see if the Family History Library had the magazine in question. They did.

I scanned the desired pages for use at home. Part of the article appears on this post. It was a great find for me as it opened up new information on Samuel, particularly his Revolutionary War service.

Never put all your genealogical eggs in one basket.

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