16 January 2008

Learning About the Neely-Rathbone Scandal

It seems like if my ancestors are involved in anything, it wasn't "big" enough to make the history books in school. In some cases that is probably just as well.

I have been using the newspapers at:

Of course, these collections are not complete, but they are an excellent starting point and much easier than manually reading papers myself. Google searches have turned up several references to the Neely-Rathbone scandal, including several references in the New York Times that I could view for free. But I did have quite a bit of success with World Vital Records and Genealogy Bank, both of which have monthly subscription plans that are relatively inexpensive.

One of my google searches referenced a blibliography of Cuban Philatelic history. Why? Because part of the fraud in the Neely-Rathbone scandal involved the supposed desctruction of Cuban stamps. My librarian is trying to obtain copies of the two magazine articles referenced in the bibliography.

Another place to search is Worldcat...the worldwide online library card catalog. There may be references to the scandal there as well.