31 December 2008

Passport Applications on Footnote.com

Passport applications are an excellent source and one that is particularly helpful for searching on those extended family members. Passport Applications 1795-1905
icon are currently available on Footnote.com.

John Goldenstein was born in Wrisse, Gemany, 4 January 1876. He is a first cousin of my great-grandmother. His passport was dated 1905 and it indicated he had naturalized in Albuquerque in 1902. It also provided his date of immigration to the United States.

He had lived in Gothenburg, Nebraska; Sterling, Nebraska; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Douglas, Arizona; since coming to the United States. The first two locations were areas where other family members were known to have lived. He was a 29 year old motorman on the application. The witness was L. U. Albers, a distant relative, who lived "out west" but I was unaware that Albers had spent time in the Southwest.

These images are pretty nice as well.

Too bad his uncle, Frank Goldenstein (my actual ancestor) never got a passport when he visited Germany in 1910.

Check out the applications for more than just your direct line ancestor. If I had not known where the Goldensteins were from, this would have been a very helpful document.

Those wishing to search the Passport Applications 1795-1905 can do so at Footnote.com.

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26 November 2007

Carl Sandburg's Passport Application

In 1918, poet and Galesburg, Illinois, native Carl Sandburg applied for a passport to travel to Europe. His application and the documentation contained therein are extremely interesting. (Note to view the complete application of Sandburg requires an Ancestry.com membership). released These US Passport Applications and images 1795-1925 have recently been released by Ancestry.com.

Included in the application of Sandburg is a portrait of Sandburg, shown in this post. Also included is information on Sandburg's travels outside the United States (only to Puerto Rico), why he is travelling to Europe, and information on his place of birth and his father's citizenship status and nativity. Letters are included from Sandburg's employer at the time and his mother. Parts of those letters are included in this blog post. Sandburg even includes the place of birth for his father.

Sandburg, like others, signed an oath of Allegiance.

Part of the letter from Sandburg's employer is shown here. The rest of the letter summarizes Sandburg's employment history and discusses his time in Puerto Rico.

Sandburg's mother even signed a letter in his behalf. In the first part of the letter she discusses Sandburg's date and place of birth and information on his father.

Sandburg's application for a passport can be viewed on the Ancestry.com site.

These US Passport Applications and images 1795-1925 have been indexed by the name of applicant by Ancestry.com and are searchable. Those without Ancestry.com access can obtain a free trial to Ancestry.com to experiment with this database and others.