01 March 2007

Albert Einstein Manifest 1933

Albert Einstein arrived in New York in October 1933 on board the Westernland--his occupation is noted as scientist on the manifest. His race is listed as "Hebrew," but the entry itself is pretty run of the mil.

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19 February 2007

Manifests--Babe Ruth 1938

In 1938, baseball great Babe Ruth and his wife apparently spent some time in Bermuda, returning to New York in March 1938 on board the Monarch of Bermuda.

Ruth is listed under his actual name of George H. Ruth and the Ruths indicated an NYC address as shown below.

These lists can be searched as a part of the Ancestry.com collection

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Manifests--Sinatra and Gardner 1951

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner returned to the United States in December 1951 on board a Pan American flight from Frankfort, Germany that arrived in New York City. These images came from the Ancestry.com passenger lists database or can be searched manually on the actual National Archives microfilm. Here is a picture of Sinatra and Gardner supposedly taken the day after they landed in New York.

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18 February 2007

Manifests--Mark Twain in 1877

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) is shown as arriving in the United States in 1877 on the Steamship Bermuda. The boat landed in New York and Clemens is listed as shown on the partial manifest image, in this post not under Mark Twain. These passenger manifests are part of the Ancestry Immigration Collection or can be viewed on microfilm via the National Archives. The advantage to using Ancestry is that they have indexed the records. Clemens must have been on a speaking tour in 1877 when he made this trip.
Of course, Mark Twain was born in Missouri and has already been located in several US census records.

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