15 November 2008

The Illinois Historic Cemetery Handbook:

From the website of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency in regards to cemeteries--

The Illinois Historic Cemetery Handbook:A Guide to Basic Preservation was developed in response to many inquires to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Most often, those questions focused on how to clean and repair gravestones, sources of assistance, and the laws that govern cemeteries.

More information can be found on the Agency's website.


09 November 2008

Illinois State Death Certificates

Many Illinois genealogists are aware that the Illinois State Death Certificate Index (1916-1950) is available online on the Illinois State Archives website.

Copies of the death certificates from 1916-1947 can be ordered via interlibrary loan from the Family History Library or directly through a genealogist who lives in Springfield near the Illinois State Archives. I have used Molly's services in the past and have been pleased. She can only obtain those records between 1916 and 1947. Records after that date can be ordered from the county or the state. Usually it is cheaper to order genealogical copies from the county.

State registration of deaths began in Illinois in 1916 and records from that time on have been recorded at the state and county level. Records before that date were only recorded at the county level and may begin as early as 1877. Some of these pre-1916 death records have been microfilmed and may be located at a branch of the Illinois Regional Archives or via interlibrary loan through your local Family History Library. If they were originally recorded at the county level, the county will have the original. It is usually cheaper to order from the Illinois Regional Archives or to borrow the film from the Family History Library. The Illinois State Archives also has a partial index of pre-1916 death certificates on their website as well.

For Cook County death certificates pre-1916, I have used the services of at Cynthia at http://www.chicagogenealogy.com/. Molly at http://www.mollx.com/ also can access some pre-1916 certificates in Illinois outside the Cook County area.


07 November 2008

1856 Illinois Guide to Probate

We still have a few copies of the 1856 Illinois probate manual that was discussed in an article on this site some time ago. It is excellent reading for those with mid-nineteenth century Illinois ancestors. We will reformat the articles and repost them to this site.

The book:

Elijah M. Haines, The Probate Manual, Being a Complete Guide for Executors, Administrators and Guardians, Under the Laws of Illinois, with Practical Forms, Chicago, Keen and Lee, 1856.

Payment can be made via Pay Pal to michaeln2@winco.net---please make certain you mention the 1856 probate manual and include your mailing address. Email Michael at michaeln2@winco.net for other payment arrangements. Paypal is preferred.

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Illinois State Archives website databases

Illinois State Archives Online Databases

There are a variety of online genealogical databases at the Illinois State Archives website. Some of the larger ones are listed here. Before using any database with which you are unfamiliar, read more about the database and where the records were obtained. Some of these databases are incomplete and that is something the user should be aware of before using the site.

Database for the Illinois Veterans' History Project
Database of Illinois War of 1812 Veterans
Database of Illinois Winnebago War Veterans
Database of Illinois Black Hawk War Veterans
Database of Illinois Mexican War Veterans
Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Database
Database of Illinois Civil War Veterans Serving in the U.S. Navy
Database of Illinois Civil War Veterans of Missouri Units
Database of Illinois Spanish–American War Veterans
Database of the 1929 Illinois Roll of Honor
Database of Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home Residents

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900 (you can find Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd)
Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre–1916

Illinois Statewide Death Index (1916–1950)

Remember too that online indexes are pointers to the original records. The index is not the end of your search, but rather the beginning.


07 August 2008

1825-1865 Illinois Census

The 1825-1865 Illinois State Census have been released on Ancestry.com.

The images here are a quick shot of the entry for James Rampley in Hancock County, Illinois, in Walker Township in 1855.

The enumeration indicates there is one 40-50 year old male, 1 20-30 year old male, 2 males between 10 and 20 and 1 male under 10. There is 1 40-50 year old female, and two females between 10 and 20. This is consistent with what is known about the

The right hand side of the entry indicates James had a cooper's shop and that 4 in the household were eligible for the militia. The other numbers have to do with the amount of production from the family's farm.

Those with family in Illinois during the time period can search The 1825-1865 Illinois State Census for their own family. All of these census records are head of household enumerations only. They are also on microfilm at the Illinois State Archives and the Family History Library. ISA does have some indexes, but they are not available online.

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17 August 2007

Chicago Ancestors dot org

Organizing information geographically is an excellent genealogical tool. For those with Chicago area ancestors a new piece of equipment in this toolbox has just been developed.
The Newberry Library is demonstrating a new website at the Federation of Genealogical Societies' conference in Ft. Wayne. I had the pleasure of seeing a quick demonstration of the at the library's booth just a few minutes ago. Rarely am I so excited as I am about this site. Chicagoancestors.org allows users to enter in an address, obtain google maps and see nearby churches and other items of genealogical interest.

The screen picture shows just part of my results for 339 Kensington Avenue, where my wife's great-grandmother was living when she was divorced in 1921. The church where her father married his second wife is shown (Elim Lutheran) as well as the church where she had her children baptized and where she married her second husband (Holy Rosary). The website even indicates if the Family History Library has microfilmed the church's records and the film numbers for those films. Wow.

Part of the screen I obtained when clicking on Holy Rosary is shown in this image.

Chicagoancestors.org gives users the ability of entering a Chicago address and learning about some resources located near that location. The site is still in development, but at this point one can see nearby Catholic and Lutheran churches, some homicides, some yearbooks, and more.

This site is still in development and staffers tell more additions are in the works.

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26 July 2007

Illinois Marriages

Researchers should keep in mind that starting in 1877 some Illinois counties asked for names of parents as a part of the marriage application. Of course, this does not mean that every couple provided the information. The marriage application shown partially here does not include parents' names for William I. Sargent, my great-great-grandfather. This is particularly unfortunate...but all couples were not forthcoming.

Cook County did not start asking for parents' names on marriage applications until the early 1960s.

The Illinois State Marriage index is online at the Illinois State Archives. Researchers who have not used the index should remember that it is incomplete and like any index, occasionally contains errors.

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