05 November 2009

Gesche Just Keeps Appearing

It really pays to keep your eyes open and it also helps to be related to half the village.
While doing a little preliminary work on another Wiesens family, I scanned the names on the other christening entries and noticed that Gesche Garrelts Fecht appeared as a sponsor for Anke Alberts Schmidt in November of 1863 in Wiesens. She is listed as the wife of the laborer Jans Dirks Weerts of Wiesens. Gesche was the third wife of an ancestor of mine and mother of his two youngest children. I've been working on an article on her for Casefile Clues.
It wasn't a major breakthrough but does make a good point about keeping your eyes open.


18 December 2008

More in the Florida State Census at Ancestry.com

As mentioned in an earlier post, Ancestry.com just released the set of Florida state censuses 1867-1945 on its website. I found cousin Martin Fecht in 1945, apparently with a different wife and two new children. He still is operating a gas station in Dade County, though. The nice thing is that the 1945 census provided his address.

Ancestry has Florida state censuses for

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Florida State Censuses at Ancestry.com 1867-1945

Ancestry.com just released the set of Florida state censuses 1867-1945 on its website.

This includes the years of:
  • 1867
  • 1875
  • 1885
  • 1935
  • 1945

I actually found a cousin of my great-grandfather in the 1935 census for Dade County, Florida--Martin Fecht. I split his entry over two images, but he is shown with his wife Gladys and children, Billie and Harlan.

On the second image, his family's four entries start with the one where the husband is born in Illinois. I was not aware that he ran a service station and I did learn that he must have gone to school through the eighth grade and that his wife graduated from high school.

Readers with Florida ancestors can search the Florida state censuses 1867-1945 on Ancestry's website.

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27 April 2007

Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation

I located a first cousin of my ancestor in the Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation from 1908-1922 at Footnote.com.

John Fecht of Varna, Illinois, and two of his children were suspected of pro-German activity. There are three interesting pages of testimony from the agent assigned to the case. The file contains just of three pages; only the first one is reproduced here.

The unnamed daughter was a teacher and "radically pro-German." She also had "some bank account."

According to the testimony, John still had siblings in Germany, including one brother in the Army. The family at first did not appear conducive to the agent's requests, and wanted nothing to do with war bonds and had no interest in the government's involvement in the war. The agent asked several other questions and gave the father and the two adult children the night to apparently "think things over."

The next morning, the agent accompanied "them" to the bank and watched the son Anton buy war bonds. Whether "them" is all three or not is not clear.

The Case Files can be browsed at Footnote, but viewing images requires access.


Source information:

Suspect Name: John Fecht

Collection Title: Investigative Reports of the Bureau of Investigation 1908-1922
Publication Number: M1085
Series: Old German Files, 1909-21


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