30 June 2009

Before You Buy that CD of Scanned Books on Ebay

Just a heads up for those who use Ebay. There are many who sell CDs of historical books, county histories, atlases, etc. Make certain these are not available for free on www.archive.org, the BYU Historical Archives, etc. You can download from there and make your own CDs.

Save yourself some money.


04 November 2008

Deed Purchased on Ebay

This is the scan of the signatures from an 1863 deed I purchased from a seller on Ebay a month ago. It only cost me $5, plus shipping. James R. Holden was actually James Rampley Holden--he was a first cousin to James Rampley (1803-1884), my 3rd great-grandfather. The property was in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois. We will be posting more information about the deed as I have time to get it organized. The property was in section 24, near where James Rampley lived. Both men were grandsons of James Rampley who died in Harford County, Maryland in 1817 and spent time in Ohio before coming to Illinois.

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10 October 2007

Reminder for Genealogy Users of Ebay

Many genealogists use ebay to make a variety of purchaes. Keep in mind when buying books that you may be bidding on a book that is still in print. Find out what the publisher is charging for the book before you bid. I have seen several occasions where a bidder ends up paying MORE for the book on ebay than they would have had they purchased the book directly from the publisher.

I ususally try and find the book for sale somewhere else online and then use that to base my bid--assuming of course that the book is still in print.

Save your extra genealogy money for copies ;-)

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