13 January 2010

Upcoming Price Change for Casefile Clues

Casefile Clues Subscription Price Change Effective 15 January 2010 It's been nearly six months since I began self-distribution of Casefile Clues and I've had to sit down and do some hard evaluating over the holidays. To be honest, when I started Casefile Clues, I just threw some things at the wall to see what would stick. Some things did and some things did not. I do appreciate all the support (and suggestions) I have received since July of 2009. I do believe that Casefile Clues is a better product now than when it first started.

I had no idea when I started distributing Casefile Clues how well it would go over or how many subscribers I would get. Frankly, I was most excited when I got that first subscriber. There is still room for growth and improvement, but I'm pleased with the number of regular readers I have, especially when I was told by some that there just wasn't much interest in reading case studies and "stories about Michael's ancestors." I think Casefile Clues has settled into a groove, but there is room for improvement and a few things that I want to do--records I'd like to discuss and use as example, materials I would like to have researched that I cannot access myself, etc.

So after some hard thought, the annual subscription price will be increased slightly on 15 January 2010. Price increases will not be a regular event here at Casefile Clues and this decision was not made lightly.

Effective 15 January 2010, the annual price of subscription to Casefile Clues will be $17.00. This increase will allow me to purchase some software upgrades I've been needing, obtain copies of information for new articles, and a few other "neat" things that I have planned for upcoming issues. This is still just 33 cents an issue, a bargain for your genealogical buck. Casefile Clues will still be delivered weekly as a PDF file.

I do realize that money for genealogical research is limited and that every penny counts. It is my hope that Casefile Clues gives you the tools to do your research more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner.

Current subscribers who wish to can renew their subscription at the current price as well.

Our subscription page is at

Current subscribers can renew/extend their subscription at the $15 price by visiting this link. The charge is the same, but PayPal tells me you are a renewal, which helps in my recordkeeping.


05 August 2009

1930 Census Mary Trautvetter and her neice

I've been doing a little playing with Footnote.com this month while they are offering free access to their 1930 census. This entry is for a family that will appear in an upcoming "Casefile Clues" column.

Maxine's guardianship over ten years before this census was contested all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court. There were so many documents in the file that I had to stop scanning them when I was in Salt Lake at the Family History Library due to time constraints. Mary Trautvetter is a first cousin to my great-grandfather, George Trautvetter (1869-1934).

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02 August 2009

First Casefile Clues Subscription Column Posted

My first Casefile Clues column was just emailed to subscribers. The analysis of an 1877 probate file also discusses some concerns with using microfilmed or digital images so that family historians don't create additional confusion.

Subscription information for "Casefile Clues" can be found on the website. Subscribers within the next 24 hours will receive the issue that was just posted.

I'm very excited and looking forward to writing and adding more columns to the site.

The estate records list him as Mimken Habben, but his name was actually Mimka.


27 July 2009

Subscribing to My Column "Casefile Clues"

For over ten years, I have written regular columns about my research experience, first for Ancestry and most recently for Dick Eastman. Starting this week, my weekly "how-to" column "Casefile Clues" will be available exclusively through subscription through my website http://www.casefileclues.com/. I am very excited about the move. Subscription information is here.

Subscribers can expect the same quality and content they have come to expect over the 400 how-to columns I have written. Content focuses on families from many areas and time periods in the United States and several foreign countries. The emphasis is not on the latest "whizbang" technology, but rather on locating, analyzing and interpreting records. Technology is used but it does not overpower the genealogy.

We will continue researching the exploits of the various members of the Trautvetter clan, including Philip's world travels, arrest in Boston and his trial in Colorado. Our work on English families will continue, as will our work in land records in metes and bounds in Kentucky and Tennessee, Bureau of Land Management records, and my search for the mental health records of my nineteenth century ancestor. We will also continue our discussion of research strategies both in actual records repositories and via the Family History Library. My children have ancestors in fifteen states and seven European countries and I will continue to explore that ancestry weekly via my column. Readers are welcome to submit suggestions for research ideas to me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.

"Casefile Clues" will be published at least weekly, with distribution taking place over the weekend. There may occasionally be additional columns published midweek as well, particularly if some followup is just begging to be written about. "Casefile Clues" readers can expect analysis of documents and research suggestions based upon that document. "Casefile Clues" is not a genealogy "news" ezine. You can find that elsewhere on the internet and I would rather devote my time to research and sharing that research experience with readers. Readers can continue to find Michael's analysis and insight that they have come to expect from his columns. Movement to our own website gives Michael the complete freedom to write about whatever topic he wants when he wants.

"Casefile Clues" is not just about the one record I've found. It is about what the record means and how it was used in order to help researchers get motivated to continue their own research.
Annual subscriptions are $15. Subscriptions can also be obtained on a three month basis for $6. Payment can be made through PayPal with major credit cards or check (PayPal account not needed). These methods of payment are preferred, but other arrangements can be made by contacting Michael at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.


02 July 2009

Getting Occupational and Spousal Clues from an Estate

Dick Eastman has posted my latest "Casefile Clues" column on his website.

"Getting Occupational and Spousal Clues from an Estate" discusses an estate settlement from the 1850s on Peter Bieger. Peter left few clues about his life, but his estate settlement provided more information than I expected.

This article is part of the "Plus" edition of the newsletter.