08 July 2009

Death Certificate for Eleanor Rowell

This is part of the death certificate for Eleanor Rowell. Eleanor was born Eleanor Carlisle ca. 1814 in Whitehaven, Cumberland, England. She was married twice, first to Robert Frame and after his death to William Rowell. Notice she died in the Fusehill Workshose--more records to check. Unfortunately this will make tracing her children with Robert Frame even more difficult. I really only know what happened to one son, Thomas, who immigrated to Chicago, Illinois.

I'll be writing more about Eleanor in an upcoming "Casefile Clues" column for Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Eleanor is my wife's 3rd great-grandmother.

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11 June 2009

Always Get Those Second Marriages

I'm a big fan of getting all the marriage records for any ancestor who was married more than once. This 1868 marriage record from the Parish Church at St. Mary's Church in Carlisle, Cumberland, England, is an excellent case in point.

Eleanor's first marriage to Robert Frame, nearly thirty years earlier, does provide any information on her parents, of course it does provide her maiden name of Carlisle as her marriage to Robert Frame was her first marriage.

It always pays to search all the marriage records of any ancestor.

This record came from the microfilm of the St. Mary's Church records at the Family History Library in Salt Lake.

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23 May 2009

Marriage Record Signature

I collected several new signatures while in Salt Lake at the Family History Library last week. This one comes from the 1868 marriage of Eleanor Frame in St. Mary's Parish, Carlisle, Cumberland, England. It was Eleanor's second marriage and it confirmed for me the name of the man I supsected was her father, Thomas Carlisle. Elearnor Carlisle was born in Whitehaven, County Cumberland in the 1810s. She is my wife's 3rd great-grandmother and spent most of her life in Carlisle.