13 March 2008

Making Connections at Footnote

I've been playing around with Footnote.com and am especially impressed with the connecting and networking capabilities this site offers.

One of the neat things you can do at Footnote.com is to connect documents with other documents on Footnote.com, either documents you have uploaded or records already on the site.

I found Elam Blain's pension records from the American Revolution when he was living in Ohio. After some searching, I found him on a muster roll in New Jersey, the state from which he served. I can link one document from the pension file to the muster roll. There does not appear to be one way to link his whole pension to the muster, but if another genealogist comes across page 56 from Elam's pension, they will see that document has been connected to another document. And if someone locates that page in the muster roll, they will see it has been linked to the pension file. Really neat. Imagine when more connections have been made.

I've posted a screen dump in this blog entry of the connection as shown (above) on my profile page at Footnote.com. Footnote.com members with a paid subscription can see the images using their account. Others will get a sign-in screen.

Footnote.com members who come across the muster roll for Elam will note that someone has made a connection with that page. This can be seen in the image of the roll, where to the right of the word "connect" you will notice the number 1, indicating one connection has been made. Neat.

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17 December 2007

Revolutionary War Roll information for Elam Blain

I've blogged before about the Revolutionary War Pension of Elam Blain who eventually settled in Delaware County, Ohio. His pension makes mention of his service and time finally allowed me today to search Footnote.com for his records in their Revolutionary War Rolls. The image above is from the heading of the page where he is listed and the image below contains his name in the actual records.

You can search the Revolutionary War Rolls on Footnote.com.

Of course his name was spelled Alaim Blain--and here again it is easy to see how Blain could have been read as Blair.

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23 September 2007

Proof of the Pension is in the Reading...

My latest article has been published on Ancestry.com's blog.

The Proof of the Pension is in the Reading went live sometime today. It discusses a Revolutionary War Pension file that provided numerous clues about a family's life in the early nineteenth century. The pension proves the family's migration from New Jersey into Pennsylvania and eventually into Ohio. And there's much more.

We've posted a few images from this pension file on our website. The family of Elam and Katherine Blain has been an interesting one to research and descendants are welcome to fire off an email to me as my wife is a descendant of the family.

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22 August 2007

Google Search Snags Footnote Reference

I don't know if it works in all cases, but it did for me at least once.

A search on google for Alaim Blain brought up several results, one of which was a Revolutionary Service card on Footnote.com. Now, I'm not certain if every annotation or name on Footnote.com will come up under a Google search, but it appears as if some aspects of their database will be returned as search results from Google. Neat.

The "Information about this document" comes from the Footnote.com website which came up after clicking on my results page.

A screen picture of part of the compiled service record completes this post.

Of course, I should have searched for Alaim on Footnote.com anyway, but just had not gotten around to it and was searching in an attempt to find other web pages with information on him.

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05 July 2007

I really cannot read this one...

This is one where I really do not know what the first name is. The last name is clearly Adams. The first one I am not so certain of.

The first image is the signature of Mr. Adams. I am assuming it is a Mr. because the person signing this document mentions attending school with the children of Elam Blain in Hanover Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in the early 1800s and only mentions the male children of Blain. My assumption about the gender could be incorrect.

The second rendering of Adams' name comes from the document itself where the scribe has written the name.
I'm taking guesses on this one. The document is from testimony provided by Adams in the Revolutionary Pension application of Katharine Blaim/Blain, widow of Elam. The testimony was given on 6 January 1848 in Delaware County, Ohio.
These images were taken from the digitized Revolutionary Pension files at Footnote.com.

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Pension files contain more than just information on the claimant

I've been working on the information contained in the Revolutionary Pension of Elam Blain/Blaim/Blair, newfound ancestor of my wife.

This pension file contains information on unrelated familes who apparently followed a similar migration path to Elam and his family.

The image on this blog entry is just part of one page of testimony from Elam's pension file. Several individuals testified about Elam's residences, his marriage, and the ages of his children. Two of these individuals are known to be relatives. It is not yet known if the others providing testimony are related or not.
This testimony, from a (?Prulip?) Adams indicates that Adams attended school with Elam's sons and lived near them during various times during his life. Is it possible that your ancestor testified in the pension claim of someone else? Even if your ancestor never served?
This image was taken from the images of these pension files at Footnote.com.
This pension file was what provided me with the maiden name of Katharine Wickiser, who is clearly identified as Elam's daughter in the pension testimony.

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