26 July 2007

More on ARC

Enemy Alien registrations from World War I are also in the ARC database at the National Archives. I've written about these registrations before and unfortunately many of them are not extant. However I was able to locate one for a cousin of my great-grandfather, Maria Siebels. These registrations from Kansas have been digitized and can be viewed on the National Archives site. The picture of Maria shown in this entry is from her registration.

These records are not only indexed by name of the registrant. In this case, I located it by searching for "Habben" which is Maria's maiden name which is included on her registration. Those who wish to view Maria's complete file can visit ARC database at the National Archives and search for "maria seibels."

Her fingerprints are included as well.

Maria is the daughter of Annepke Ufkes Habben--sister of Johann Frederick Hinrichs Ufkes (1838-1924), my great-great-grandfather. Of course my grandmother Ufkes was a Habben, too, but her Habben family is a different one from the Habben family Annepke Ufkes married into. Patronymics are wonderful.

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ARC at the National Archives

I had a little spare time today and I revisted the National Archives website. I have searched ARC at the National Archives before, but given the typical occupations of my ancestors, I rarely have too much success. However, today I made a lucky hit.

A younger sibling of my wife's great-great-grandmother (George Drollette) was supposedly the secretary to the US ambassador to China in the early 1900s. A search on ARC on his last name resulted in a hit apparently to his application papers to work in the diplomatic corps. I'm working on requesting a copy of his application and as new information is obtained, we'll be posting updates.

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