19 March 2007

Booker T. Washington--1880 Census

The 1880 census found Booker T. Washington working as a 24 year old school teacher in Virginia. His name was a little difficult to read, but this entry was consistent with known information about Washington.
You can search the 1880 Census at Ancestry.com to search for your relative---just be careful about how her name might be written.

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08 March 2007

1880 Census-Frank Lloyd Wright

You never know...you may find your own relative twice in the 1880 census.

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1880 Census-Buffalo Bill Cody

Also in the Cody household are his sister and his neice--remember if you can't find your ancestor or relative in a census always consider looking in the households of other family members.
You can search for your own ancestor in the 1880 census. Of course your relative probably was not a cattleman and an actor--unless you are related to Buffalo Bill Cody.

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27 February 2007

1880 Census--Honus Wagner

His nickname of Honus is derived from a pronunciation of his actual first name of Johannes. Of course the census taker in 1880, not aware his later fame, and desirous to de-Germanize or de-Latinize any names made him John. Honus Wagner is seen here with his older brother Louis in 1880. Of course the family's 1880 entry is split over two pages, and Louis and John appear on the top of the page following their parents. Search the 1880 Census for your own ancestors at Ancestry.com--just remember, sometimes, like Honus Wagner, when we search we strike out!

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1880 Census--Jefferson Davis

The 1880 census enumerator found the former president of the Confederacy living in Biloxi, Missisippi, as a planter with his wife and his nephew's family--and more servants than family members. A pretty run of the mill census entry, although since Joseph's daughter was born during the census year, her month of birth is listed on the complete enumeration.
You can search the 1880 Census at Ancestry.com for your relatives or other famous Civil War participants.

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26 February 2007

1880 Census--Coleman Sharpton

With a little snooping it was relatively easy to locate Coleman Sharpton (ancestor of Al Sharpton) living in Liberty County, Florida with his family in 1880. Those who want to see the whole image can search the 1880 Census on the Ancestry.com site. Strom Thurmond was not alive at the time of the 1880 census....

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24 February 2007

1880 Census--Sojourner Truth

While I really doubt if she is 104 years of age, the 1880 census for Sojourner Truth finds her living on College Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan. Keep in mind that your ancestor's age in the census could easily be off as well, but perhaps not by quite this much. Search the 1880 Census for your own family member at Ancestry.com--remember the 1880 database at Ancestry.com is free--the images are not.

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15 February 2007

1880 Census--Lizzie Borden

The image to the right shows part of the 1880 census for Lizzie Borden, when her parents are still living in Fall River, Mass. The complete enumeration along with the citation can be viewed here.

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14 February 2007

1880 Census--Thomas Edison

By 1880, Thomas Edison has established himself as a scientist, has started a family and is living in New Jersey. This partial image of his 1880 enumeration includes his family and a few servants as well.
Those wishing to see the entire page can do so here-it is too large to publish on the main page of our site.

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13 February 2007

1880 Census Laura Ingalls Wilder

The image to the right lists author Laura Ingalls Wilder at the age of 13 living in Desmet, Dakota Territory in the 1880 census with her parents and sisters.

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