19 September 2007

1865 Illinois Census Online Transcription-Hamilton County

The 1865 Hamilton County, Illinois, Census has been transcribed at posted online at the Hamilton County, ILGenWeb site.

Actual 1865 census images for the entire state can be viewed at HistoryKat.


Partial Index to 1865 Cook County, Illinois Census

Molly Kennedy over at mollx.com is working on an index to the names in the 1865 Illinois State Census. These are the wards she has completed currently are Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4. More are in progress (Molly also offers a variety of record searches in Illinois records as well).

The 1865 Illinois State Census is online at HistoryKat (which offers a variety of online records at a reasonable annual price that can be viewed whenever the mood strikes).


Information on 1865 Illinois State Census From Illinois State Archives

Those wishing to know more about the 1865 Illinois Census can find more on the Illinois State Archives website. There is a partial index at the Illinois State Archives, but this index is not online.

The 1865 Illinois State Census images are available online at HistoryKat--here you can browse the actual images. The census is head of household only and in the case of most rural counties the lack of an index is not a significant problem if the township or area of residence is known with some degree of precision. Using the census is easier if the researcher has access to a township map for the counties under study.

We'll be posting the results from my searches in the Adams County, Illinois, 1865 census over the next few days.


07 September 2007

1865 Illinois Census

The 1865 Illinois State Census images are available online at HistoryKat. The currently unindexed images are fairly easy to navigate--I found the 1865 census reference for two of my ancestors in Hancock County, Illinois, relatively easily using the online images.

Keep in mind that the names are unindexed and are organized by township. Also keep in mind that the townships might not be listed in any particular order. The ones I used for Hancock County were not in alphabetical order or in geographic order. Using the images is very much like the microfilm, only much better. The zoom and magnification tools make the images much easier to see---easier than using microfilm.

I would suggest before using any of the censuses online that the researcher have a map of the county and the townships within the county. A google search for "blahblah county map" should bring up the desired result or the USGenWeb page for the county may have a link to a county map as well.

The image shows two of my third great-grandfathers James Rampley and William Newman living as neighbors in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois in 1865. They were not in-laws yet...James' son Riley would not marry William's daughter Nancy until a few years after his 1865 return home from the Civil War.

The enumerations for James raised a few questions which we'll discuss in a future post.

The headings for the 1865 census can be viewed clearly in this transcription from Hamilton County.

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