obtain copies of the "Old Men's Draft Cards"

World War II Draft Cards

(the 4th registration)

Cards from registrants born after 16 February 1897 can be ordered from Selective Service
Michael John Neill

World War II draft cards are a wonderful resource for the genealogist with problems in 1940s. The cards available to anyone for anybody are for those men born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897. They are available at the appropriate branch of the National Archives. These cards have been microfilmed (click here for more information) and researchers will either have to visit the facility or have someone perform a lookup for them. These cards are usually alphabetically filed by the entire state, which is a significant advantage over the World War I draft cards which are organized by draft board.

All of these cards are from National Archives Record Group 147, Records of the Selective Service System, Illinois State Office Registration Cards, World War II, 4th Draft Registration, April 1942.

The draft card for Mimka Johnson Habben is for my great-grandfather. It is fairly typical in terms of the information on will find on a card for a farmer.

Mimke Habben reverse side of card
This is the reverse side of the card. While the physical description is not extremely descriptive, it does provide some details and if the individual has a tattoo or a scar, that will be noted as well.

Henry Mortier card from WWI

The card for Henry Mortier is for my wife's great-grandfather. It provided his residential address as wel as his birth place. His employer, Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company, is also listed.

Bertus Ufkes Draft card

This card is for my great-grandfather's brother, Bertus Ufkes. This card is interesting in that it provides a place of residence (and permanent contact) in Carthage, Illinois; a mailing address in St. Louis, Missouri; and an employer address that lists no city or state (but it is believed to be in Quincy, Illinois, based upon the name of the Bank and the street address).

obtain copies of the "Old Men's Draft Cards"

World War I Draft Cards

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