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Cawiezell heir deed

1894 Scott County, Iowa

Michael John Neill

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This deed is a fairly typical "estate" deed for the time period. Maria Cawiezell died in Davenport, Iowa, in 1893 and this deed was drawn to settle up Maria's real estate after her death. As a matter of course, I always search for deeds of this type whenever someone owned property upon their death. Of course, state statute governed inheritance law and these deeds were consequently not required in all locations during all time periods.

This deed offers significant clues which were mentioned in the Ancestry Daily News. Those with a significant interest in land records may wish to read or purchase Wade Hone's Land and Property Research .

Note: Maria is my wife's ancestor and I'm still looking for information on the Cawiezell family in Switzerland which is where the family originated. Maria was a Swiss immigrant who married Anton Cawizell (another Swiss immigrant) and eventually settled in Davenport, Scott, Iowa.

   1894 Cawiezell Deed--Scott County, Iowa

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