Genealogy Computing Week 2008

3 March 2008-8 March 2008

Carl Sandburg College—Galesburg, Illinois

Presentations by Michael John Neill

Overview of Free Genealogy Online (LEIC49600), $35.

Monday of Spring Break 2008—3 March 2008

This workshop will discuss the main websites useful for genealogical research that can be used at home without charge. Included will be libraries, archives, volunteer sites and a variety of others—some not typically thought of as genealogy sites specifically. We will also discuss approaches to spend less time mindlessly surfing and more time researching and ways to organize your online research more effectively. Attendees will have use of a computer for the duration of the workshop and there will be time for practice and experimentation.

Using (LEIC49601), $35.

Tuesday of Spring Break 2008—4 March 2008 offers online access to National Archives microfilm such as Revolutionary War Service Records and Pensions, Bureau of Investigation Case Files (1909-1921), Southern Claims Commission Files, and a host of other records. Footnote’s images are searchable and downloadable and users can interact with other users, notate images, and much more. Footnote is available by subscription and attendees will have complete access to the entire Footnote site for the duration of the workshop. We will see how the images are organized and indexed to make searching and use of the images as efficient as possible.

Rootsmagic (LEIC49602), $35

Wednesday of Spring Break 2008—5 March 2008

Want to try a new software package for your family history data? This day-long session will discuss this popular genealogical software package. Data entry, source tracking, data correction, reports, charts, and forms will all be discussed in this hands-on session. Attendees will have Rootsmagic installed on their own lab computer for use during the workshop and there will be time for hands-on activities with the software.

Family Tree Maker 2008 (LEIC49603), (2-days), $70

Thursday and Friday of Spring Break 2008—6-7 March 2008

Many changes were made to this program when FTM 2008 was released. This two-day set of sessions will discuss those changes and also include discussion on data entry, reports, publishing, data correction, online searches, using FTM to manage your research, using FTM to manage your sources, customizing FTM, and more as time allows. Attendees are encouraged to send specific questions to before the workshop for possible inclusion into class discussion.

Using (LEIC49604), $35

Saturday of Spring Break 2008---8 March 2008 provides online access to a wide variety of United States genealogical information, including census records, passenger lists, published books, military indexes, and much, much more. Attendees will have complete access to the site for the duration of our workshop and our morning will provide an overview of what is on the Ancestry site and the afternoon will discuss effective search techniques, organizing your online search and determining what offline records complement what is found on