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My problems

My wife's grandmother Anna Apgar was born in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, in 1913 (according to her SS-5 form) to a French-Canadian woman (Marie/Mary Desmarais/Demar) and the son of English immigrants (William Frame aka William Apgar). To confuse the matter completely, he changed his last name upon his marriage and evaporated ca. 1918. His wife married two additional times, and was divorced from her second husband. These articles discuss some work on Anna's parents and grandparents, all of whom lived on the south side of Chicago (except for 1920).

We will be adding additional articles as we locate additional information.

Abbreviated Ahnentafel for Anna Apgar:

1) Anna Apgar, born 1913 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Married 1930 Ola Lake in the Chicagoland area. Died in 1987 in Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois (grandmother-in-law of Michael John Neill)

2) William Apgar aka William Frame, born ca. 1888 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Married 1909 in Cook County, Illinois. Last known to have lived in the Chicago area in 1918.

3) Mary/Marie Demar/Desmarais, born 1 April 1895 in Clinton County, New York. Died in the 1960s in DuPage County, Illinois.

4) Thomas Frame, born 1838 Carlisle, Cumberland, England. Died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 1910.

5) Elizabeth Watson.

6) Louis Demar/Desmarais, born in Clinton County, New York. Died in the 1930s in Clinton County, New York. Resided from ca. 1905 until at least 1920 in Cook County, Illinois.

7) Louise Drollette, born and died ca. 1896 in Clinton County, New York.

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