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Tamme Tammen in the 1885 Nebraska Census

My article in the 18 December 2002 edition of the Ancestry Daily News discussed the 1885 Nebraska Census entries for my great-great-granduncle, Tamme Tammen and why viewing the population and agricultural census schedules were helpful in this case. The 1885 census enumeration is discussed further in the article which will be linked here when available. The 1885 census is similar to the 1880 federal population census.

Tamme's Census Images:

Tamme is listed in the Nebraska State Census 1885  at Ancestry as:

Name: Tom Temerson
Race: W
Age: 38
Birth Place: Germany
ED: 201
Loc: Willow Island Precinct,Dawson,Nebraska
Date: 04 Jun 1885
Enumerator: August A. Nelson
Locality: Midway Borough
ED: 192
OSPage Number: 9B

But it's easy to see how this name was rendered as Temerson when the original census image is viewed.

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