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Habbens from the 1870 Census
(image referenced in Michael John Neill's Ancestry  Daily News article of 1 November 2001,
Finally Saw the 1870!!)

  Census images on this site were used with permission from the census image database  at

The original microfilm for this census was impossible to read for Northeast Township in Adams County, Illinois. The census images at Ancestry.Com were legible. While these images are not as clear as some, one must remember that the microfilm from which these images were created was nearly impossible to read and that this image is significantly better than the microfilm (there is a link at the bottom to additional images where the original microfilm was much easier to read).
Scroll down to view the complete family entry. You can see that the infant in the Habben household was born in January of the census year.

Ancestry.Com has now virtually completed uploading all the census images from 1790-1920 (there are a few exceptions)

Other images and articles from (c) 2001, Michael John Neill

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