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1860 Census
Adams County, Illinois
Clayton Township, page 884

4 different ways to spell Behrens on the same census page
This census page contains 7 households. 4 of them are related to me. Some search suggestions are on the bottom of the page. Indexes (such as the 1860 census index are a tool, not a guarantee). If you are related to the Behrens family on this page, please let me know because I am too.

Actual Census Image
What I think it says:
L H Smith
I think this is the family of L. H. Smith. I'm not related to this family ;-)

Weert Franzen Weert Franzen is the head of household, but that's not what it would look like to the untrained eye. I'm not certain about the remaining individuals in this entry as I am not related to this family.

This family appears in the 1860 census index under the last name Franson. This is a reasonable rendering and one that would be caught under a soundex based search for Franzen.
Gerd Behrens
This entry is for Gerd, Trientje and Claus Behrens. I know it looks like his first name is Garrett, and I know some Ostfriesens used Garrett as a first name, but no other record known lists him as anything other than Gerd.

This entry appears in the index as:
Gerrett Barnes
Twnga Barnes
Claus Barnes

A reasonable rendering given the enumeration. A soundex search for "Behrens" would have located this entry.

Gerd and Trientje are my great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.
Henry Kapeman I think this is Henry Kapeman, the  local Lutheran Pastor. I'm not certain of the other members in this household as I'm not related to this family either.

This family appears in the 1860 census index under the surname Hapeman.

Henry's occupation is listed as:
Lutheran Clergyman
Would you read that as Lutheran Clergyman?

Herman Behrens
This is Herman Behrens. Also in the household are his wife Anke (nee Lichtsinn) and (probably) Gerd, Folke, Trientje, and Herman.

This family is indexed with the last name Barams. This is a reasonable rendering of the enumeration and one that would be located with a soundex search. The names were read as:

Herman is a brother to my ancestor, Ulfert Behrens.
Anke is a sister to my ancestor Frederick Lichtsinn Behrens.

Ekke Behrens
This is supposed to be Ekke Behrens.

Ekke Behrens is a brother to my ancestor, Ulfert Behrens.

His name appears in the 1860 census index as Ekke Burse. This is not Soundex equivalent to Behrens.

The others in the household appear in the index as:

Actually I would have read the entry on line 36 as Gesche.
Ulfert Behrens
This is Ulfert Behrens and his wife Recke (Fredericka), nee Lichtsinn. They are my great-great-great-great-grandparents. Their two entries complete the census page.

These names appear in the 1860 census index  as Wootfred and Recke Barrus. This is not Soundex equivalent to Behrens.

Ulfert Behrens Children
The first set of entries on the next census page completes the family from the previous page.

The surname on this entry is in the index as Barnes. I'm not certain I think that's what it looks like, but fortunately Barnes and the actual surname of Behrens are Soundex equivalent. The first names of the children on this page appear in the index  as:


Frartia--actually Trientje--is my 3rd great-grandmother.

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