George Trask from the 1920 Knox County, Illinois Census
listed twice--just for good measure

Michael John Neill

George Trask is apparently listed twice in the 1920 Knox County, Illinois census for Galesburg. Death and other records on George all point to a birth date of 1859 in Mercer County, Illinois. His occupation was known to be that of a horse buyer. A search of the census records for the city of Galesburg, where George and his family were known to be living, resulting in locating him twice in the census.

George is listed with his known family at 726 S. Cedar Street in Galesburg. He is also apparently listed at 231 E Simmons in a boardinghouse in downtown Galesburg.

Of course, some of the information is slightly different. George is listed as being involved in the horsebuying occupation on both entries and his birthplace of Illinois is the same. An upcoming article in the Ancestry Daily News will discuss how George was located twice.

George with his family.

George by himself at the boarding house.

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