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1920 Census Image Samples

and data from the NOW COMPLETE index.

   How I found these people is discussed in my article in the Ancestry Daily  News the week of 8 April 2002. We're only showing part of the image here to help see how the entries were read. Too bad they didn't make census takers  TYPE the pages! These images were located using Ancestry's 1920 census index database and are discussed in two Ancestry Daily News Articles

This is the 1920 Census entry for John Habben, Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

He and his wife are family number 8 in the village of Elvaston, Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois. This individual is listed in the Ancestry 1920 Census Index as John Hobbin. It is not too hard to see how this name was read as "Hobbin."

John Habben's entry in 1920

This entry is for Mimka Habben , Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois

Mimka is a son of John Habben listed above.

The last name is in the index as Habben, but the first name is understandably indexed as Minke.
Mimka Habben 1920 Census

This is the entry for Joseph Johnson in Henderson Twp., Knox County, Illinois.

He was easy to find in the index (partially because I knew his name, age and the county in which he should be living).Notice that it looks like Joseph is renting the farm from Alice Heickman.

Joseph Johnson from Henderson Twp., Knox County, IL
This is the entry for Henry L. Mortier and his family (the location should be obvious from the census page).

The surname appears in the index as Martier, which is understandable given how the name looks on the image to the right.

This individual was located performing a soundex based search. A soundex search worked in this instance as the "o" was changed to an "a." When vowels are interchanged, a soundex search should work.

Henry Mortier from 1920 Rock Island, Illinois
Fred Ufkes, Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois

This individual's name in the index understandably appears as Ufkus. When I see this name, I "see" Ufkes, because I know they should be in Bear Creek Township...but an indexer does not bring that with her when she reads the image.

And what is the name of the wife? It might take some analysis of the handwriting to determine exactly what the wife's name actually is for this entry. (#86)

Fred Ufkes from the 1920 Census, Bear Creek Twp., Hancock, Illinois

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