Rampleys from the 1880 Hancock County, Illinois Census

Michael John Neill michaeln2@winco.net

enumeated as Ramlei, Ramplei, and Rampley


Riley and Thomas Rampley


The family directly below Riley RAMPLEY is that of Thomas RAMPLEY. Note that his surname is spelled differently from that of his brother listed directly above. The entry for Thomas' family is shown in the graphic below. Again I have only included the left hand side of the page. In this case, there are stepchildren living in the family. In this situation the Ashlock children are Elisabeth's by a previous marriage.

James and Elizabeth Rampley

The image below is also from Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1880. This entry is for James RAMPLEY (note additional variant spelling), brother to Riley and Thomas. This scan shows more of the page.

The last page below shows part of the census entry for James and Elizabeth RAMPLEY, parents of  Riley, Thomas, and James shown above. This is also from the Walker Township 1880 Census for Hancock County, Illinois. No other record (except for census records) can be located for the adopted son Montevelli (?) listed in this census.

Interestingly enough, in the 1880 Census, sons Riley and Thomas ( listed on the same page) indicate their mother was born in New Jersey. Brother James indicates his mother was born in Pennslyvania and Elizabeth herself indicates she was born in Pennslyvania. All records indicate Elizabeth was the mother of all the brothers and this census is the only source providing this location. It seems reasonable that it is in error.

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