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1880 Census Portal at

Search the 1880 Census for free

Census Images  from

Articles on using the free online 1880 census from FamilySearch and Ancestry.Com--remember the 1880 census is free to search at both sites

Discusses when to use Ancestry and when to use FamilySearch for the 1880 census.
A continuation of the differences between the 1880 search at and the 1880 census search at

Articles on using the 1880 Census CDs from the LDS library

The 1880 Census on CD-Rom can be viewed at your local Family History Library or purchased from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sample 1880 Census Images--discussed in the LDS 1880 CD articles

Additional 1880 Census Images from Michael's Using Online 1880 census articles

Additional 1880 Census Images

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