Genealogy Computing Workshops
Spring 2008



Carl Sandburg College---Carthage, Illinois

presentations by Michael John Neill, MS

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26 April 08        Free Genealogy Online

This workshop will discuss the main websites useful for genealogical research that can be used at home without charge. Included will be libraries, archives, volunteer sites and a variety of others—some not typically thought of as genealogy sites specifically. We will also discuss approaches to spend less time mindlessly surfing and more time researching and ways to organize your online research more effectively. Attendees will have use of a computer for the duration of the workshop and there will be time for practice and experimentation.


Registration is $35 per day and is limited.

All workshops are held in state of the art computer labs. Each registrant will have their own computer to use.

Workshops run from 8:00 until 1:00.


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