13 January 2010

Upcoming Price Change for Casefile Clues

Casefile Clues Subscription Price Change Effective 15 January 2010 It's been nearly six months since I began self-distribution of Casefile Clues and I've had to sit down and do some hard evaluating over the holidays. To be honest, when I started Casefile Clues, I just threw some things at the wall to see what would stick. Some things did and some things did not. I do appreciate all the support (and suggestions) I have received since July of 2009. I do believe that Casefile Clues is a better product now than when it first started.

I had no idea when I started distributing Casefile Clues how well it would go over or how many subscribers I would get. Frankly, I was most excited when I got that first subscriber. There is still room for growth and improvement, but I'm pleased with the number of regular readers I have, especially when I was told by some that there just wasn't much interest in reading case studies and "stories about Michael's ancestors." I think Casefile Clues has settled into a groove, but there is room for improvement and a few things that I want to do--records I'd like to discuss and use as example, materials I would like to have researched that I cannot access myself, etc.

So after some hard thought, the annual subscription price will be increased slightly on 15 January 2010. Price increases will not be a regular event here at Casefile Clues and this decision was not made lightly.

Effective 15 January 2010, the annual price of subscription to Casefile Clues will be $17.00. This increase will allow me to purchase some software upgrades I've been needing, obtain copies of information for new articles, and a few other "neat" things that I have planned for upcoming issues. This is still just 33 cents an issue, a bargain for your genealogical buck. Casefile Clues will still be delivered weekly as a PDF file.

I do realize that money for genealogical research is limited and that every penny counts. It is my hope that Casefile Clues gives you the tools to do your research more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner.

Current subscribers who wish to can renew their subscription at the current price as well.

Our subscription page is at

Current subscribers can renew/extend their subscription at the $15 price by visiting this link. The charge is the same, but PayPal tells me you are a renewal, which helps in my recordkeeping.