23 January 2010

Incorrect Volume Numbers on Google Books

This "hit" from Germans to America was located on Google Books. There is no doubt that the desired individuals, Martin Fecht and Kea Goldenstein, appear in Germans to America.
They just don't appear in volume 1 as indicated on the search results which is shown in this image. Volume 1 of Germans to America covers the early 1850s and Fecht and Goldenstein (and the rest of the names shown) arrived in NYC in March of 1881.
In working on the next issue of Casefile Clues, I've discovered that in some books from a series that appear in "snippet" form, the actual volume number listed is incorrect. Anyone else noticed this?
My first in an ongoing series of articles on Google Books will appear in issue 26 of Casefile Clues, scheduled for distribution in a few days.