13 January 2010

Augusta Newman's Signature

I can't always find ancestral pictures. Consequently I like to collect ancestral signatures when I can. The earlier one researches the more difficult it is to obtain copies of actual signatures. Courthouse records are often transcriptions which do not contain actual signatures unless one is fortunate enough to find a packet of loose papers with signed receipts, affidavits, etc.

This signature comes from the Bounty Land application file for War of 1812 veteran Agusta Newman. His affidavit dated 15 August 1856 in Indiana, gives information on his military service and also includes his signature as shown here.

He indicates his personal papers were lost in a fire, but the application mentions his military service and I learned a few things about him that had not been located in other records. A really neat record.

In an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues, we'll be discussing Augusta's application, how it was actually located, and what clues it contained. Federal records are often an underutilized resource. I've been researching Augusta for twenty years and just recently learned he had a bounty land application file.