09 December 2009

Philip Trautvetter Divorce

It has been a while since I've updated the blog with information on Philip Troutfetter.

Philip was married for a brief time.

According to the complaint filed by Violet Troutfetter in January of 1901, Violet and Philip Troutfetter were married on 17 February 1897 in Denver, Colorado. On our about 14 April 1898, Philip left Violet. The last she heard that Philip was in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The case was heard at the March 1901 term of the El Paso County Colorado Court. The 6 man jury found that Troutfetter "has wilfully deserted and absented himself from this plaintiff." He was not found guilty of cruelty. The divorce decree was dated 16 April 1901.

I'm working on a larger update to the Philip Troutfetter story. Those who have read the blog in the past will remember that his divorce is one of the minor events in his life. Troutfetter bounced over the western hemisphere before he was arrested in Boston a few years after his divorce.