11 December 2009

Church Donations in 1908

In wrapping up some loose ends for my group trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake this coming May, I've been reviewing some scans of the materials I made on one of my previous group trips.

This comes from the church secretary's book from the Tioga Evangelical Church in Tioga, Illinois in 1908 (now Bethany United Church of Christ). Several donations of $1.00 are shown in this image, including one from John M. Trautvetter, my great-great-grandfather.
Records of these donations at the very least give the user knowledge of when a person was last known to be living, if other records are not available. Of course, some individuals are not even named--note Mrs. Kammerer[?] and Mrs. Altheide. But at least it may be a start.
On my next trip to Salt Lake, I'll have to search for church records somewhat earlier in Kentucky and Indiana.