25 November 2009

Where were they in 1940?

The 2010 Census is coming and before I know it the 1940 census will be released. It got me to thinking about where my ancestors will be in the 1940 census when it comes out. I'm pretty certain of their locations as most of my families during this era did not move very much.

  • Me--I was so not here in 1940.
  • My parents--they weren't around in 1940 either.
  • Cecil and Ida (Trautvetter) Neill [my paternal grandparents]--Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • John Ufkes [my maternal grandfather]--Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Dorothy Habben [my maternal grandmother]--Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Charles and Fannie (Rampley) Neill [paternal great-grandparents]--St. Albans Township, Hancock County, Illinois--maybe in West Point or maybe on the farm, not certain.
  • Fred and Tena (Johnson/Janssen) Ufkes [my maternal great-grandparents]--Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Mimke and Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben [my maternal great-grandparents]--Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Anke/Anna (Fecht) Habben [my maternal great-great-grandmother]--Elvaston, Hancock County, Illinois.

I'll work on my in-laws later. My own family as recently as 1940 I can pretty much do off the top of my head.