30 November 2009

Recent Casefile Clues Topics

In response to our Cyber-Monday discount ($12 for a year of weekly issues), I've listed topics from recent issues of Casefile Clues. Subscribers will receive issues 11-18 complimentary with their subscription which will begin with issue 19.
Recent issues of Casefile Clues have included:

11- "The Homestead Application of the Heirs of Rolf Habben"

This column discussed the homestead claim of the deceased claimant's heirs. Included is a discussion what types of records are typically in a homestead file, why the copies look so strange, and what other documents should be researched as a followup.

12-"Is the Wrong Name Correct?"

This column discussed a name that appeared on the surface to be incorrect. A 1910 Chicago census enumeration seemingly had the wrong last name for a household member. Further research hints that the individual unofficially changed his name ca. 1909.

13-"Brick Walls from A to Z"

This column was a quick run-down of suggestions for breaking brick walls. It was a reprint of an earlier column of Michael's from several years ago. We don't often use older material (this has been the only time, but deadlines got the best of me and this was a very popular piece).

14-"Jumpstarting Your Research"

Just a few ideas to get you brainstorming.

15-"Finding Geske and her Girls"

Losing a an ancestor on the other side of the pond and finding her in the United States. This required using a variety of records and techniques to find this 1880 era immigrant when her "new" married name was unknown.

16-"A Lot on Barbara's Lots"

A 1900 era probate failed to mention how an estate's real property was disposed of. Finding those deeds revealed quite a bit of genealogical information, even though the actual amount of property and its value was relatively small.

17-"Starting to Get Help from a Professional"

My initial column in an ongoing series on working with a professional, focusing on being focused, deciding what to research, why certain things are researched, and staying within a budget.

18-"Analyzing a Biography"

This column encourages readers to go back and fully analyze all those county "mug book" biographies they have. Several techniques for analysis are included through an extended example. I even made a major discovery just in completing the analysis on this 19th century biography.

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