27 November 2009

My wife's ancestors in 1940

In the spirit of an earlier post, I'm speculating on where various ancestors of my wife were enumerated in the 1940 census. My wife's:

  • Father-can't enumerate he who is not yet born.
  • Mother-with her parents, probably in Marcelline, Linn County, Missouri.
  • Wilbur and Grace (Mortier) Johnson [paternal grandparents]--city of Rock Island, Illinois.
  • Ola and Anna (Apgar) Lake [maternal grandparents]--Marcelline, Linn County, Missouri.
  • Joseph and Eva (Trask) Johnson [great-grandparents] --city of Rock Island, Illinois (probably)
  • Henry and Caroline (Freund) Mortier [great-grandparents]--city of Rock Island, Illinois
  • Marie (Desmarais) Apgar Verikios Williams [great-grandmother]--Chicago, Illinois
  • Samuel Otto Johnson [great-grandfather]--Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois
  • Jennie (Kile-Smith) Trask [great-grandmother]--Galesburg or Peoria, Illinois

We'll have wait for the census to be released to find out if I was right or not.


Blogger Michael John Neill said...

Of the in-laws, the Mortiers and Samuel Johnson I can can pretty much pinpoint. The great-grandmother in Chicago was pretty mobile, the Lakes moved from Missouri to Chicago and back once or twice, and the Johnsons I don't have a precise location for.

On my side, I pretty much know where they all were living in 1940 as the property is still in the family today.

5:05 PM  

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