18 November 2009

Give Casefile Clues for the Holidays

Need that perfect gift for your genealogy friend? Give the genealogy gift that keeps on giving, every week for an entire year.

Gift subscriptions to my weekly newsletter Casefile Clues are $15 per year--you can give as many as you want. There is no wrapping necessary.

Here is how it works:

If you don't see the instructions section, do not worry. When you order a gift subscription, Paypal will tell me that YOU ordered a GIFT subscription and it tells me you ordered it (including giving me your email). If there are no instructions, I will contact you and get those details from you manually. It is that easy. You can specify when you want the subscription to start.

If you do not specify when the subscription starts, it will start the week of December 25.

If there are questions about giving gift subscriptions, just ask me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.

A subscription to Casefile Clues is the perfect genealogy gift for your genealogy friend who has helped you out, given you advice, etc. Every issue is packed with methodology and research suggestions. And at $15 a year, the price isn't too bad either.