04 November 2009

George V of Hanover

He was the last Hanoverian King and is listed as the sponsor of my uncle George Habben in 1862. Born George Frederick Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus on 27 May 1819 he died on 12 June 1878. There is more information on him in a biography at Wikipedia.com. He was a grandson of King George III of Great Britian and a first cousin of Queen Victoria, but that really has nothing to do with the Habben family as readers of Casefile Clues will later see.
An upcoming issue of "Casefile Clues " will explain (likely) why he was my relative's sponsor. I'm not 100% certain, but I have a pretty good theory. He lost Hanover to the Prussians in 1866 and that spurred significant emigration from Ostfriesland to the United States, including the parents of George Habben.
Actually, most of my Ostfriesen emigrants came in the 1866-1875 era. The Prussia takeover of Hanover (which included) Ostfriesland was no coincidence.