11 November 2009

Back Issues of Casefile Clues

It is hard to believe that I am working on issue 16 of Casefile Clues since we began self-distribution. It has been fun and a challenge and I appreciate the feedback I have gotten from readers.

Issues 1-10 can be purchased as a set for $4.30. You do not need a PayPal account, just a major credit card. If you'd rather pay another way, email me for information.

2 August 2009--Volume 1 Number 1--Lessons from an Estate Record
9 August 2009--Volume 1, Number 2--Passport Records
16 August 2009--Volume 1, Number 3--Preemption Claim
23 August 2009--Volume 1, Number 4--Multiple Parents
30 August 2009--Volume 1, Number 5--Finding a Chicago Christening
6 September 2009--Volume 1, Number 6--The Civil War Pension File of Riley Rampley
13 September 2009--Volume 1, Number 7--Looking for Ira's Lucretia
20 September 2009--Volume 1, Number 8--Platting out Thomas Sledd's Heirs
27 September 2009--Volume 1, Number 9--Finding and Analyzing Pre-1850 Census Records
4 October 2009--Volume 1, Number 10--Getting from One Ira to Another

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