09 October 2009

What is Casefile Clues?

For readers of this blog who don't know, Casefile Clues is my weekly genealogy how-to newsletter. Each week includes a case study, document analysis, or problem-solving article. Occasionally all three are combined, it just depends upon the family.

Casefile Clues is not a genealogy "news" letter. There's not news about new sites, new software, or what famous person has had their family researched. There are plenty of sites, blogs, and newsletters that provide that information.

Casefile Clues is intended to give you weekly reading to actually help you with your own genealogy. Case studies and families cover a variety of areas and time periods, all gleaned from research I have done on my children's ancestors which covers a fairly large range of geographic regions.

Columns are meant to be easy to read and easy to understand. That doesn't mean the problems are easy to solve. I just don't believe that reading about genealogy methodology has to be tedious.

Citation of sources is extremely important and every document is cited as close to the rules of Evidence Explained as I can get. Occasionally I will make a mistake and I encourage readers to bring that to my attention so if can be mentioned and corrected in the next possible issue.

We have beginners and advanced researchers reading Casefile Clues. My goal is to help everyone with their research.

Casefile Clues is only $15 a year and comes weekly in your email--either as PDF file or as an in email message.

More information about Casefile Clues is on our Casefile Clues site http://www.casefileclues.com
Subscription information is at http://www.casefileclues.com/subscribe.html. There are no ads on the www.casefileclues.com site and the newsletter is ad-free as well. That way, there are no advertisers to worry about making happy or irritating!

A PayPal account is not required to use a credit card. Those who wish to inquire about other payment options (check, money order, etc.) can contact me directly at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.

Any other questions about the newsletter can be sent to me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com, including requests for a sample copy.