09 October 2009

Can't Read it on a BLM Case File

Philip Troutfetter should be a case study in and of himself, perhaps even a whole book of case studies devoted to him.
The two images on this post come from his homestead/preemption claim filed in Colorado. It references earlier claims he had which were relinquished.

I have circled in red what I cannot read. The larger image (posted first) shows the entire "answer" and the second image shows zoomed in portion. Clicking on either image will bring it up larger in the browser.
It looke like "S ho," but I'm not certain what that means. I thought it might mean "standard homestead" but I'm not certain and that is only a guess. I'm requesting copies of the papers from the National Archives, but it will be a while before they arrive.


Blogger Harold said...

Michael --

How about "I made a show," especially as it's referring to a previous claim of some sort that he is now relinquishing?

Harold Henderson

7:59 PM  

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