22 October 2009

Back Issues of Casefile Clues and Subscribing

An update on back issues of Casefile Clues.

Your subscription starts when you sign up. I'll usually send the issue that "just ran" when you sign up, unless it somehow slips my radar (you can always ask me if I forget). I've started grouping back issues in groups of 10 for those who weren't subscribers earlier. When you subscribe, I can send you every issue since the last set of back issues "cut off." That way if you get the back issues, you have as complete a set as you want and I'm not messing with selling individual back issues.

So anyone who subscribes now or in the near future can get issues 11 until when they started at no charge--just ask.Back issues 1-10 can be purchased with a credit card for $4.30. You do not need a PayPal account, just a major credit card. Those who wish to pay by check can email me for information at mjnrootdig@gmail.com. This allows me to make back issues available to those who want them keeping paperwork and procedure to a minimun.

To request a sample copy of Casefile Clues, send an email to samples@casefileclues.com.