15 September 2009

Genealogy Tip of the Day Update and Casefile Clues

I am still behind, but Genealogy Tip of the Day went through a massive update over the last few days. I'll be adding tips to the site as I have time, still having one for each day, but it may be a while before I get it caught up and have one tip coming out a day. I appreciate everyone's patience and support. Genealogy tip of the Day is free and unfortunately sometimes other things come first.

Casefile Clues is growing slowly and I am really happy about that. It is still somewhat in transition as I work out topics and a few issues with style and form. Readers have had articles on a variety of topics, including these recent ones:
  • Civil War Pension File
  • Locating a 1913 era Chicago birth
  • Locating a Chicago Christening Record
  • Tracking a potential sister of an ancestor born ca. 1843.

More are coming....one a week. Upcoming topics include:

  • Kentucky Land Platting
  • Ferreting out a potential parent in the 1850 era in the Midwest
  • Bureau of Land Management Case Files
  • A Homestead Claim completed after death
  • The Infamous Fleming County, Kentucky Pig Murder of the 1830s
  • and more

Topics are always in flux--if a neat document or record crosses my desk, everything else may get pushed back.

We are working on integrating a citation format based on Evidence Explained. Our style will hopefully evolve and we encourage reader submission of ideas and feedback. Blog readers are encouraged to subscribe to "Casefile Clues." Our subscription price is only $15 a year, for 52 weekly issues.

We have a "fan page" on Facebook. Facebook users can search for "casefile clues" and find us. I have an awful time getting a link to the fan page to work.